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Curious by Design will tell the stories of designers, artists, and entrepreneurs who use relentless curiosity to bring their creations into the world, build an audience, and create a sustainable living from their work.

We are launching a podcast in …

Dana Underwood is Curious by Design

Dana Underwoord

Dana Underwood and I share a lot of parallel traits, something we discovered early on in our friendship. During our time in the entrepreneurial accelerator Runway in 2011, we learned that we are both photographers, engineers, and introverts who nonetheless … Read more...

David Kelley is Curious by Design

David Kelley CBD

David Kelley is the founder of the internationally renowned design firm IDEO, and the creator of the d.School at Stanford. I met David as an undergraduate in the Product Design program at Stanford, where he was my advisor in the … Read more...

Joe Knoernschild is Curious by Design


Joe Knoernschild is one of the most interesting, thoughtful, and humble creative entrepreneurs that I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Joe co-founded the surf brands Billabong USA and Hurley; Hurley was acquired by Nike in 2002. I met Joe as … Read more...

Zach Augustine is Curious by Design

Zach Augustine


Zach Augustine is someone I consider a mentor, an inspiration, and a close friend. He is a Global Senior Creative Director at Nike, and someone who is not afraid to follow his curiosity into situations that challenge him professionally … Read more...

Ray Troll is Curious by Design

Ray Troll is an artist based in beautiful, rainy, Ketchikan, Alaska. I’ve been a fan of Ray’s work since I was a kid (to both of our chagrin, this was almost 30 years ago).

I’m honored that he agreed to …