Dana Underwoord

Dana Underwood and I share a lot of parallel traits, something we discovered early on in our friendship. During our time in the entrepreneurial accelerator Runway in 2011, we learned that we are both photographers, engineers, and introverts who nonetheless work constantly towards putting our work, and by extension ourselves, out into the world.

In addition to his professional photography work, Dana is co-founder of AwesomeBox,  an entirely new way to give a truly memorable surprise gift.

In this interview, Dana and I chat about the power of having a creative mom, entrepreneurial curiosity, and his perspective on opportunities for African American entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. There is much more in the full interview (you might even find out whether this handsome guy is single or not), so sign up to the mailing list to find out when the full podcast launches.


Dana has had a chance to photograph President Obama…twice!



Dana and Tony

Badass entrepreneurs: Dana and his AwesomeBox co-founder Tony Deifell



Whirling dervishes: a shot from Dana’s photo portfolio (www.danaseye.com)


This is just a short preview of the great conversation I had with Dana; sign up to the mailing list below to get notified when the full podcast launches!