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David Kelley is the founder of the internationally renowned design firm IDEO, and the creator of the d.School at Stanford. I met David as an undergraduate in the Product Design program at Stanford, where he was my advisor in the late 90s.

During each of my interactions with David over the years, I always walk away energized, with a new enthusiasm for the kinds of fundamental problems that design can help out with in the world. This conversation, where we discussed everything from how kids can retain their curiosity and creative confidence, to our mutual mentor—design professor Matt Kahn—was no different.

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IDEO design for the first Apple mouse (image courtesy IDEO)

IDEO design for the first Apple mouse (image courtesy IDEO)

Part of being a curious designer is never wanting to do the same thing twice:


Urban Farming: IDEO & INFARM

A recent IDEO project, designing the future of urban farming with Berlin-based startup INFARM.

As a designer, or any kind of creative, facing rejection is part of the game. Here David talks about one tactic for overcoming rejection:


Creative Confidence

David (and his brother Tom) literally wrote the book on Creative Confidence

Traditional schooling seems to be very adept at drilling the creativity out of our kids; David talks about what we can do to prevent this (below is an excerpt from his much longer and more detailed response):


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